0.    Maintenance and Periodic Testing & Inspection of Installation

10.1    All new electrical installations shall be inspected by DES authorised persons or DES Approved (Specialised) Contractor/Inspectors.  The Inspector shall complete the Electrical Installation Certificate and submit to DES prior to connection to supply. The typical Electrical Installation Certificate is shown in Appendix 11A.

10.2    The electrical installation shall be tested and results recorded in the Schedule of Test Results shown in Appendix 11B.   Any deviation or non conformance shall be recorded and shall inform the owner for corrective action.  A re-test shall be carried out after the remedy work and recorded in the Schedule of Test Results to proof that the installation is fit for use.

10.3    All electrical installations shall be regularly inspected, maintained and safety precautions shall be observed at all times to prevent danger to personnel. The Inspector shall complete and submit to DES the typical Periodic Inspection Report for Electrical Installation shown in Appendix 11C.

10.4    The  owner  or  management  of  the  premises  or  properties  shall  be  responsible for  the technical and safety integrity of the electrical system and the safe use of electricity in his/her installation.

10.5    The building or property owners shall ensure that their building installations are periodically inspected and tested by DES approved testing personnel or DES Approved (Specialised Testing) Contractors that are registered with DES.

10.6    The recommended intervals for periodic inspection and testing on the following types of installation unless other Competent Authorities specifically require shorter intervals, are as follows:-

  • 10 years interval for domestic installation (private houses, flats).
  • 5   years   interval   for   commercial   properties   (shops   &   offices),   educational establishments (schools colleges & universities), hotels & boarding houses.
  • 3 years interval for factories, workshops and agricultural installation.
  • 1 year interval for petrol filling stations, public entertainment areas (theatres & cinemas), public launderettes, places of worship.
  • 6 months interval for construction sites and temporary installation.
  • Change of occupancy or owner

10.7    Where a MSB is fed directly from a transformer, the owner or management of the premises or properties is strongly advised to have the MSB comprehensively maintained and tested every three (3) years by DES registered switchboard manufacturer or DES Approved (Specialised Testing) Contractors.

10.8    All maintenance and inspection reports shall be submitted to DES for review and approval. Any readings or records that are not within the minimum acceptable limit, the Approved Inspectors who perform the inspection shall inform the owner for immediate corrective work. DES shall have the right to disconnect the power supply to the consumer(s) unless the owner rectifies the defects within 2 weeks from the date of the previous inspection date.