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You can now book your queue ticket using just your smartphone on the go for ‘Prepaid Meter Token’, Electricity Bill Payment’, ‘General Services’, and ‘Apply & Reconnection of Electricity’. This service also allows you to monitor and track your queue status remotely in real-time without the need for you to physically be at the Department of Electrical Services (DES) branches.
Please take note that this service is only currently available at six DES branches during working hours as stated below:
• Monday – Thursday & Saturday: 8.00 am to 3.00 pm
• Friday: 8.00 am to 11.00 am

Coming Soon for DES branch outlet - Kuala Belait, Seria, Temburong and Muara.



QR Code


HQ Berakas ​BSB LedgerMentiriSengkurongTutong​Revenue Dept.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How to use this service?
    • Download ‘QueueBee’ app for free from iOS App Store or Google Play for Android users.
    • Register (one-time only) to use this app.
    • Select the desired DES branch from the menu, or scan the DES branch QR Code from DES website (
    • Select the service that you require: Prepaid Meter Token, Electricity Bill Payment, General Services, or Apply & Reconnection of Electricity.
    • Your queue number will be displayed and you will be able to view your queue status in real-time wherever you are. You will constantly receive notification
      when you are ready to be served.

2. Why should I use this service?
    • Time-saving as you do not need to go to DES branches to take your queue ticket.
    • You are able to monitor the status of your queue ticket in real-time via your smartphone.

3. Which DES branches use this service?
    • DES Headquarter, Berakas,
    • BSB Ledger,
    • Mentiri,
    • Sengkurong,
    • Tutong,
    • Revenue Department (Berakas 2nd Floor).

4. How do I get a queue number?
Queue number can be obtained:
    • by scanning QR Code at DES website;
    • ​by scanning QR Code on DES leaflet  given freely at DES counter outlets;
    • ​from QB App itself (for iOS users using new version).

5. Can I cancel my queue number?
Yes, you can by pressing the Cancel button at the bottom of the app.​

6. What if I miss my queue number being called from DES counter?
You need to book queue ticket again through online or get it from the kiosk printer at any DES branch outlet.

7. Why is the QueueBee App icon different from iOS App Store compared to Google Play for Android users?
We have just released the new version for iOS App Store while the Google Play new version is coming soon. However, both version works fine. Just search "QueueBee" from App Store or Google Play to install the QueueBee App.


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