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Electricity Tariff

Tariff A – Residential

As of 1st January 2012, the Department has introduced 4-tier tariff structure for residential customers. The corresponding energy usage kWh and the new charges are as follows:

0001 kWh to 0600 kWh B$ 0.01 cents
0601 kWh to 2000 kW B$ 0.08 cents
2001 kWh to 4000 kWh B$ 0.10 cents
4001 kWh and Above B$ 0.12 cents

Tariff B – Commercial*

Basic calculation formulas
The First 10 Units [10 Units x kVA] x B$0.20 cents
The Second 100 Units [100 Units x KVA] x B$0.07 cents
The Third 100 Units [100 Units x KVA] x B$0.06 cents
Remaining Units (if applicable) x B$0.05 cents

View KVA loading conversion table for shop houses and temporary power supply

Monthly Power consumption (kWh) 26,880 kWh
Subscribed capacity (kVA) 140 kVA
Bills charged for the month
The First 10 Units [10 Units x 140 kVA] x B$0.20 cents B$280.00
The Second 100 Units [100 Units x 140 KVA] x B$0.07 cents B$980.00
Remaining Units [26,880 – (10 x 140) - (100 x 140)] x B$0.06 cents B$688.80
Bill charged B$280.00 + B$980.00 + B$688.80 B$1,948.80

View Billing Sample

* This Tariff does not apply to Heavy Industries.
Vacant shophouses / commercial premises using conventional meters (kWh) including CT Meters but recorded as active account will be imposed a minimum charge of B$2.00 every month unless the building owner / tenant notify to DES of his / her intent to close the account with no electrical outstanding bill prior to vacant the shophouses / premises under his / her name.

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